Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monkey Boots!

No one can accuse L'il C of being a girlie girl! That one is happiest playing spies, hide and seek or road hockey with her brother. Both kids were off to a fishing expedition this weekend with their Papa, and as they were walking out the door we discovered their rain boots didn't fit. So we whipped over to Canadian Tire to buy them each a pair. The only "boy" boots were the typical black with red soles so I handed Big C a pair in his size. Easy peasy. For girls, they had pink boots with purple trim, and pink camouflage boots that I kept asking her to try on. There was excuse after excuse, until I finally said "There ARE no other boots!" She patiently sat there insisting there were. Finally I got it, she wants the same as her brother, so we grabbed them in her size, but only after she agreed I could stamp on them for her. ;o) Off they trotted to their fishing day, and I came up with all these fabby ideas for her boots. Only to be thwarted. The first thing out of her mouth when she got home was "I want MONKEYS on my boots!" Oh well, so much for my flowery girlie boots! LOL! I have to admit though, these are pretty darn cute, don't you think?

Rubber Boots :o) White Stayz-On Ink, Stampin' Up! Sock Monkey Stamp Set


  1. You can stamp on boots? Oh my goodness watch out here I come - hide your boots! SO SO Cute!

  2. I love these boots Robbyn!!
    you change for completly the apparence, you make a wonderful job with them