Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where have I been???? And some fun teasers!

Hey all! I've gone AWOL this past month! I was so proud of my posting in October, committed to posting daily. But. But....then I was hit with a massive computer virus. When the computer was fixed, I got sick. When I was all recouped, I was prepping for an open house I am in this coming weekend. Here are the deets, hope to see you there!

So, this upcoming month, I will be posting photos of items created for the open house, and also photos of a swap my upline and I hosted. We organized a Christmas Countdown swap amongst my team mates. Each of us created 25 of one item, with either the packaging or the gift inside being the focus. They are labelled 1-24 (our own we didn't get back, unless we made an extra to keep, and on our date we get to open the one made by our upline) So...ready to join in on the excitement of seeing what my amazing team mates made? Check back daily for the view!


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