Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm not late, technically I'm 361 days early.... :o)

So, I'm embarrassed to admit this....sometimes I get really great ideas, that just stay in my head. Sometimes I get really great ideas with I make and proudly display. And other times I get really great ideas, which I do all the prep work for, and then once I've satisfied myself with how it would look WHEN completed, I just leave it on my desk. Well, this is one such's been laid out on my desk for about a month now. I assembled it on the 18th, and hung it on the 20th. A whole 3 days AFTER St. Patrick's Day!!! Well, at least it's made and photographed, and will be ready for next St. Patrick's Day in plenty of time! Have a good day all, it's another gorgeous day in my neighborhood!

1 comment:

  1. It's NEVER too late to share a creative idea, Robbyn. I'm finally posting a St. Patrick's day card that you made on my blog today .. a full week after the big day, lol. Love the banner - might have to copy your idea for a certain grandbaby's first birthday coming up next week!