Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boutique Sale! Rowyn's "Name Frame"

(be sure to click on this picture to see the multitude of gems on this one! So pretty!)

Hiya Friends! No, I haven't been snatched by aliens...I've been busy creating for a sale I'm in this Thurs pm. Some girls and I are getting together to showcase our wares. I've created 3 verrrrrry simple make and takes, will have my mounds of cards for sale, and have made a bunch of these name frames that people can custom order. Pam has started a line of hand made baby items (soother holders, toy bags, onesies, and a toy holder thingy that attaches to a stroller), and Sarah and Candice are bringing purses and scarves galore to sell! If you live in Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph areas, and want to join us, contact me and I'll send you the address.

Anywho...Onto my name frames, I plan to post them one at a time over the next several days. I don't think I'll be adding too much info on them...I've used a lot of retired papers, stamps, inks, colors, and some non-SU! products that are taking up room in my cupboards. If you are desperate to know anything about them, leave a comment and I will write you back! They were fun to make, I really tried to be mindful of each child's personality/likes when creating them. All the names I've used are my nieces and nephews...phew! I've got some Christmas gifts already made! LOL!

Hope you all enjoy them!

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  1. All of your name frames are gorgeous, but I think this one is my favourite!
    Wish I could have come to your sale but work comes first ... please let me know if you do it again!