Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 Leaps

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Have you guys heard about this? A local teen has come up with an incredible idea to help others this leap year. Watch her video, as she explains it much better than I ever could. She's inspired me to donate in various ways, and yes, I've gone to her site to add my "leaps" already. Now, I'd like to add a card making twist to it. I'm going to donate 29 hand made cards to the Ronald McDonald House closest to me. And I'd like to challenge each and everyone of you to take the 29 Leaps Challenge...once you do, and once you click on "add my 29" HERE, come back and leave me a comment. I will mail the first 29 people to comment a handmade card as well! (If you'd prefer not to leave your mailing address in the comments section, email it to me privately at Have a great day everyone, and HAPPY LEAPING! :o)

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